Real Weddings – Anna’s Country wedding

Last week I did the make up for Anna and her bridal party. Anna was getting married at Coombe Lodge in Blagdon, but we were getting her ready in a near by B&B which was absolutely beautiful, in fact I was hoping they might not notice if I moved in!

A family friend was doing the hair so I could just focus on the make up which was nice for a change. I started with the Bridesmaids and we went for a fresh make up look, with soft definition to the eyes, soft dewy skin and a coral pink lip. I used MAC Face and body on all of them along with a light dusting of Arbonne mineral powder to give it some staying power for the day.

Annas bridemaids and mum wedding make up by Grace Kingsley

For Anna’s mum we went with a slightly more dramatic with a grey tone on the eyes and a fuchsia pink lip.

For Anna we went for a natural but defined make up look, with a very soft smokey definition on the eyes, I used a winged liner and some individual lashes for more depth on the eyes. I wanted to keep the skin looking glowing so I used a MAC Face and Body foundation with a Mineral powder over the top completing it with a soft pink blush. For the lips we went for a really soft natural pink.

anna wedding make up by grace kingsley

I didn’t get to see everyone dressed and ready as they moved round to Coombe Lodge to finish off getting dressed but Anna sent me a pic the next day and all I can say is she looks amazing!

Thank you for having me as part of your special day, it was great fun working with you all! Congratulations Anna.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


Real Weddings – Fran’s Winkworth Farm wedding

Frans wedding was at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury, it is a venue I have been to before to do a photo shoot, so it was nice to see it all done up for someones special day.

I met Fran for her trial about six weeks before her wedding, I was just doing her make up which was actually quite nice just having one person to focus on. She told me the kind of make up she liked and we worked towards getting the perfect look for the big day.


We wanted to emphasise Fran’s eyes, so I built up the colour in the socket line and the outer third of the eye using soft brown shades and added lashes and liner to give definition. The skin was kept soft and fresh with an Arbonne CC Cream and mineral powder. To complete the look we kept it super simple with rosy vaseline for the lips, perfect for a hint of colour and a nice amount of shine!

Fran was jetting off on an amazing honeymoon and after seeing a few pics on Facebook I can definitely say I am jealous!

Thank you for having me as part of your special day, I hope it was all you dreamt of! Congratulations Mrs Crush!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Abi and her seven Bridesmaids!

This past Sunday I went along to Cadbury House in Congresbury to do the hair and make up for Abi’s wedding.

When I met Abi at the her trial is was pretty easy as she wanted something that was simple and fresh looking.


I did a natural defined eye using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, this is definitely my go to palette for brides as the colours work so well for natural make up. Abi hd lovely skin so I used a BB cream mixed with a bit of face and body from mac for a light smooth coverage. Keeping with a totally natural theme I used the very simple Rosy Vaseline on Abi’s lips.

For her hair she wanted it up and off her face, which was a good job as it was around 26 degrees. We used a giant doughnut ring to create a high bun, to give a bit of detail we used a braided hair band to wrap around and then quiffed the fringe up.



Abi had six bridesmaids and a flower girl, which meant a 7am start!! We kept the hair the same on all of them which made it a lot more simple. I curled all the hair then braided it over to one side and created a messy bun. All of them had natural but defined make up. Even though they al had the same, the nice thing is they all still looked different.


I also glamified Abi’s mum by doing her make up too.

Sunday marked my 30th wedding of the year so far, it was a beautiful venue with lots of sunshine. I hope you all had an amazing day.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Kirsty and the Thunder Storms!

On Saturday I went along to Kirsty’s house to get her and her bridal party ready.

As we have had the most amazing weather in the UK recently you can only imagine Kirsty’s disappointment when the biggest thunder, lightening and flash floods were forecast for her wedding day! Β When I arrived at 8:30am the rain had cleared for a moment but the dark clouds were still very much above us. But that definitely did not dampen anyones mood!

Kirsty and her family had me in stitches at her trial and entertained me on the morning of the wedding, I feel like I have known them for years.

We did two trials with Kirsty the first one was great but the look she had chosen didn’t feel like her Β so we did another and adapted it which was a good idea as on the day it was perfect.


We wanted a look that was heavier on the eyes, Kirsty aways wears eye liner on the lower water line so we kept that and built up a smoky eye to go with it. Having a natural olive skin tone we wanted the skin to glow and to finish the look we went for a deep pink lip colour.



For her hair I curled it all through and then braided it quite loosely over to one side and then used the rest of the hair to make a messy side bun. Kirsty had a beautiful headpiece that sparkled perfectly!


The bridesmaids all wore the most beautiful lilac coloured dresses. I kept all of their make up fairly natural using pinky brown shades on the eyes from the naked 3 palette. They all had their hair curled with a lose half up half down style.

And for her flower girl it was super simple with a few curls through the hair and a bit of glitter lip gloss.

You will be glad to know that as the ceremony started at 3pm the sunshine broke through the clouds and it didn’t rain again until later that evening!


Thanks for having me as part of your special day Kirsty, I hope it was amazing!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Ceri and her Kardashian eyes!

Last Friday I went along to Ceri’s house to get her and her bridesmaids ready for the big day ahead.

Ceri came in for her trial about a month ago with one simple request, she wanted make up like a Kardashian! Well don’t we all. But this was music to my ears as it is nice to sometimes do a heavier make up look for a bride.

Ceri has the most amazingly thick, dark long eyelashes I have ever seen which made this look even better.


I used a mixture of Urban Decays naked 2 and 3 palettes to create a smoky eye along with black winged eyeliner. I kept her skin fresh with illimasqua skin base and then used Lovelorn from MAC on her lips.


For the bridesmaids i kept it very simple as none of them wear much make up normally, I defined the eyes with limit and nooner from the naked 3 palette, these two colours work really well to give definition but without being over powering. For the skin I used a BB cream to give a fresh look without being too heavy and the lips were a mix of nude and pink shades.

With a grey start to the day the weather turned out to be sunny, and from a picture I saw on Facebook Ceri looked stunning in her dress, I can’t wait to see more pics!

Ceri, I hope your day was amazing!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Make Up Workshop

Make Up workshop 2


I am holding an exclusive Make Up Workshop on Thursday 7th August at 6:30pm. It will be held at my studio in Bristol. It will help you to get your make up looking perfect and will give you some professional tips and tricks too.

There is limited availability so you should get your place booked quickly.Β Email me on for more information or to book.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Rebecca and her amazing headpiece!

On saturday I had the pleasure of doing the make up and hair for Rebecca and styling the hair for her bridesmaids. I met Rebecca only a short time ago when she saw my sign for the studio and called to enquire about wedding make up.

When she came in for her trial I felt like I had known her for years which was great and made working with her and her bridal party even more fun! Even her glamorous mum got in on the action (she reminded me of my mum who is also very glam!)

Rebecca told me she had originally planned on doing her own make up but after a blue eye shadow incident for one of her birthdays her fianceΒ suggested that maybe she shouldn’t! After a chat about what she wanted we established a natural but defined look would be best and definitely no blue eyeshadow!

The other thing we had to work with was an amazing head-piece Rebecca had from Herione Harbutt, it was beautiful and had a slight vintage feel to it so we wanted to create a hair style that worked well and showed off the headpiece.

Real Weddings Rebecca M

For the make up I wanted to create a subtle warmness to the eyes, I used limit and nooner for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette in the socket and outer corner to create definition along with a few short and medium flare lashes, everything else we kept very natural, a dewy looking base with Illimasqua skin base and a pink blush, Rebecca finished the look off with her own lippy.

For the hair the style was a loose frech braid going from one side all the way round with the rest of the hair softly waved and loose. We kept it off the face which meant the headpiece was perfectly on show!

Real Weddings Rebecca M bridesmaids

For the bridesmaids I curled their hair and used the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder to get volume through the top and back before sweeping the curls over to one side, I finished off the styles with the cute flower clips that Rebecca had got from etsy, they had the perfect amount of sparkle in the middle. My favourite quotes of all time came from Rachel “Grace you are like a hair wizard!”.

20140712_121051I think you will all agree that Rebecca looked absolutely stunning, and I have to confess, I never get emotional when it comes to weddings but when I saw her in her dress it actually bought a tear to my eye!

Real Weddings Rebecca M 1I had such a lovely morning with everyone, the sun was shining and even the photographer Simon got involved with doing up one of the bridesmaids dresses!

20140712_114337I hope your day was amazing Rebecca and that you have a lifetime of happiness ahead of you!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo