Real Weddings – Jenni’s Masion House wedding!

At the beginning of March I got to do the hair and make up for Jenni and her bridal party. The wedding was at Kings Weston House, a beautiful grand Mansion house in Bristol.

We set up in one of the bedrooms which I think was made specifically for me!


I was doing the hair for two bridesmaids, make up for mum and hair and make up for Jenni.

The bridesmaids had a simple curled loose style which I totally forgot to take photos of!!

Jenni Wedding hair and make up by Grace Kingsley

The bride how ever I did remember to take photos of! We went for a soft smokey eye with brown and dark plumy brown tones, the pink undertone in the lighter browns made Jenni’s eye colour pop! To finish the eyes I used individual lashes and brown gel liner. I kept the skin soft and opted for a simple mineral powder foundation and a soft pink blush. The lips were a nude tone called Blankety from MAC.

Jenni’s hair was kept simple with a loose wave and a volumed half up half down style, which was finished off perfectly with a beautiful Hermione Harbutt headpiece.

I have seen a few pics from the reception and it looks like everyone had a amazing time! Congratulations Jenni, Thank you for having me involved in your special day.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


Real Weddings – Amy’s Wedding

The very end of February marked Amy’s wedding, who was getting married at Kings Weston House. I went along to her house to get Amy and her mum ready.

Amy had quite short hair but wanted a low messy bun, this style is great as you can make it look like there is a lot more hair than there actually is. I curled the hair to start, I put volume through the top using Batiste Plumping powder and back combing, then at the back I put the hair into three small ponytail and then used the curls to pin sections creating a messy bun.

Amys bridal hair and make up by grace kingsley

For the make up, Amy wanted a fairly classic winged liner and bold lip combo so I defined the eyes using a light pinky brown in the socket and a black gel liner, she had amazingly long lashes so no falsies were needed! I used a mix of Arbonnes CC Cream and MAC Face and Body to create a soft fresh looking base and a soft pink blush. For the lips I used Diva, a plum tone from MAC.

I am sure most bridal make up artist will know your job never stops with the final application of lippy, you might end up doing up dresses, pinning button holes tying cravats, the list goes on. The final hour of a wedding morning flies by and on the morning of Amy’s wedding I was happy to help out with little bits an pieces to take some of the stress away!

The sun was shining for Amy so I can imagine their day was amazing!

Congratulations Amy, and thank you for having me as part of your day.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Hannah’s Wedding

Back in February I worked with Hannah and her bridal party doing Hair and Make Up for her special day. I went along to a lovely cottage on the outskirts of Bristol called the Chapel to get them ready before they travelled over to Leigh Court for the actual ceremony and reception.

I met with Hannah along with her mum and one of her Bridesmaids in early January to do her trial, I knew I was in for a good wedding morning with them all straight away as the whole trial was filled with laughter.

The morning of the wedding was no different, especially when it was filled with stories of Hannah’s and her sisters childhood memories (don’t worry, what I hear in the make up seat, stays in the make up seat!).

Hannahs Bridesmaids Hair

I set to work with the bridesmaids styling their hair, they all had different styles that suited them but it was pulled together with beautiful hair accessories from Keli Thompson. I also did a blow dry for Mum and a friend of Hannah’s too.

Hannahs Mum blowdry

For the Bride herself we went with a fresh looking base using a mix of Arbonnes CC Cream and MAC Face and Body, and a soft pink blush. For the eyes Hannah wanted a well defined look so I used the Naked3 Palette from Urban Decay to create the look using light to dark browns and a hint of a deep plumy brown tone, individual lashes and winged liner finished off the look. To complete the make up we went with a coral red for the lips.

Hannah Bridal hair and mek up by Grace Kingsley

Hannah’s hair was a french pleat with a vintage twist, using the basic form of the french twist I used the remaining hair at the top to create a large pin curl for detail. The style was completed with a sparkly comb.

I had a great time with Hannah and her family, it was a pleasure to have been part of her big day!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – Amy’s secret wedding!

It’s very rare that I am able to fit a Bride in my diary when they book only four weeks prior to their big day, but luckily I was free and I am so glad I got to be part of Amy’s special day with a twist!


Amy is a red lipstick fan which I love, so it was obviously a must for her wedding day. I used a mix of a CC Cream from Arbonne and mac’s Face and Body foundation to get the perfect mix and coverage on the skin, using Arbonnes mineral powder to set everything. A light dust of a dusky pink blush over the cheeks completed the skin leaving it fresh and flawless.

For Amy’s eye I used a natural cream base and used a pinky brown tone through the socket for definition, a nice sweep of eye liner and some individual lashes.

We wanted a matte lip colour with good staying power so I went with Dangerous (annoyingly this was a limited edition colour!) which has an orange undertone and was perfectly striking.


Amy’s hair is nice and thick, I used my GHD’s to add a loose wave through the ends. I made two small fishtail braids which I wrapped around the back which created a really nice detail at the back with out being fussy. Amy was going to be wearing a flower crown headband later in the evening which would go with the braids really nicely.

Now the twist to Amy’s wedding was that it was a secret wedding. It was a really simple ceremony with Amy and her husband to be along with their two friends who were acting as witnesses. It was Amy’s 30th birthday the day after so she was having a party that evening, her guests thought it was a surprise party for her, little did they know the surprise was on them when they found out Amy and Russ had tied the knot!

Congratulations guys, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Real Weddings – First Wedding of the year…..This shit just got real!

Its not like me to swear in a blog pots, especially the title but all will become clear!

Saturday 24th January was my first wedding of the year, it kicked off what is looking to be a jam packed year of weddings. I met with Amy for her trial before christmas
Amy wanted something fairly simple but striking, so we went with a bit of a classic glamour theme.

Grace Kingsley - Bridal Make Up

With the make up I kept the skin looking fresh by using a face and body foundation from mac, finishing it with a light dusting of Arbonnes mineral powder which gives a glowy look to the skin and great staying power!
For the eyes I kept them softly defined using pinky brown tones from the Urban Decay Naked3 palette, a sweep of winged eye liner and some individual lashes.

The only thing we couldn’t decide on was the lips, there were two choices a neutral pink or a deep red! So we chose both, pink for the day and red for the evening.

Grace Kingsley - Bridal Hair

For Amy’s hair, I put heated rollers in to create big curls which I then brushed out to create a loose glamour wave which I then pinned back slightly on one side, to complete the look I popped a Jenny Packham hair accessory in.

Grace Kingsley Bridesmaids hair Amy’s lovely Bridesmaids had a braided side up do, both had very different hair but this style worked for both of them, again finishing the look with Jenny Packham hair accessories. For their make up I kept the skin natural and the eyes nicely defined so they would look great in photos.


Now most brides look forward to getting a well thought out gift from their husband to be on the morning of their wedding, Amy was handed a gift and card by the bridesmaids from the groom. She read the nicely worded card, opened a nice bottle or port and for the final part she opened a hip flask with the words “Shits about to get real” on the front! It definitely wasn’t what any of us were expecting to be opened but it did make us laugh, but the words rang true as it doesn’t get much more real than getting married!


I had a lovely morning with Amy and her Bridesmaids, I left them as they headed off to Coombe Lodge where the wedding was taking place. I have seen a few sneaky pics and it looked lovely. Congratulations Amy and Richard!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

Pantomime – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The past couple of years have started off with working on panto here in Bristol at the Regrave Theatre. This year it was Snow White and the seven Dwarfs.

The show is put on by Starlite Productions and all profits go to the Children’s Hospice, last year they raised £10,000 and this year is set to be even more!

I love doing theatrical work and this show was really good fun, I thought I would share some pics with you!


20150103_140927 20150108_215632 20150109_193345

To see all the Pantomime Dames changes pop over and check out the full album on my Facebook page.

I have had an amazing couple of weeks with the Starlite family, can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

New year, Lots of change!

Wow, how did it become 2015 already? I can not believe we are already eight days in to the new year, maybe it’s because I am older but the time just seems to fly by!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year, I hope you all celebrated in style and got everything you asked santa for. I was thoroughly spoilt and enjoyed some family time, although I only had three days off over the festive period as I had five (yes five) weddings over Christmas week! new year new dreams

New year is always a time for reflection and setting resolutions ready for the year ahead, for me I can look back over 2014 and happily say what a year, it was full of brides, photo shoots, nails and lots of new make up to try! Looking at my year going forward there is a big change! This time last year I was busy setting up my studio here is Bristol, with huge plans in mind. A year later and I have made the decision to leave the studio!

I have loved having a base to work from, and the fact everything is in one place sets any ocd’s I have at ease. Going to “work” every day definitely seemed a bitodd but it was nice to have a bit of structure, in fact sometimes I would go in super early or stay late just to have some quiet time and get things done. As the year went on I was finding that I was still packing up my kit three to four times a week to do weddings, photo shoots, working at the theatre and travelling for jobs which meant I wasn’t spending as much time in the studio as I initially thought.  After much thought I have decided to go back to being completely freelance, I actually like being a bit of a free spirit and travelling around and realised how much I missed that element of my job! Being a make up artist brings a lot of spontaneity with last minute jobs and schedule changes but I secretly love that, being tied to somewhere can feel like that is stifled a little.

I have huge plans for my businesses including my make up work, GK Nails and the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World and am so excited about this year!

So as of February 1st, my car will become my office again as I wave goodbye to the studio, I can’t wait to share all of my adventures and my plans as they come to life over the next year…..oh and I promise to blog more!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo