Halloween Feather Headdress Tutorial

I was recently sent a Feather Headdress from Novum Crafts, it is full of black and royal blue feathers which are super vibrant and perfect for a Halloween costume.

Not everyone is down for a gory themed Halloween Make Up look so I have created a more pretty look that can be teamed with a Feather Head Dress and a simple black outfit, it won’t break the budget and with out going over the top your Halloween costume will stand out for all the righ reasons!

Red Indian Head Dress Halloween tutorial by Grace Kingsley

First of all I started with the eyes, I always do it this way when I am using darker eye shadows so I can clear away a fall out from the powder after with my foundation.

Eye tutorial by grace kingsley

  1. Prime your face, I used my favourite Primer from arbonne. Once that’s on the skin you can leave it so the skin is ready once you have finished your eyes.
  2. Apply a blue toned cream base to the mobile lid and slightly blend on to the socket line and under the lower lash line, I have used a Paint Pot from Mac in Imaginary and applied this with my fingers.
  3. Go over the cream base with a blue eye shadow, I have used shadowy lady from mac.
  4. Start blending the colour out from the socket line outwards using a dark plum toned shadow, I have used smoulder from Urban Decay which comes in the naked smoky palette. I also took this under the lower lash line. If you want to soften the edges further you can use a neutral pinky toned shadow and lightly sweep that outwards.
  5. Add some glitter! I used Reflects Purple Duo from mac and packed this in to the centre of the mobile lid and sweep it lightly under the bottom lashes.
  6. Create a winged liner with a black liquid or gel liner, I used Black track from mac.
  7. Its time for mascara (apply your lashes at this point if you are using them) and a coat of pencil liner on the water line to make the eyes super dark and mysterious.

Skin tutorial

Now the eyes are done its time to move on to the skin…

  1. I used my normal foundation which is the liquid foundation from arbonne and I mixed it with the white face and body foundation from mac to lighten it up.
  2. Contour the skin to give the skin a more structured look, because this is for Halloween you could go really heavy on the contouring and go for a more skeletal look. If you are doing that you could feel for the hollows in your face and put your contour product there. I used a contour duo from Illamasqua Β and highlighted the cheek bones and through the centre of my face.
  3. Create your eye brows, I have gone for a more heavy brow.
  4. Apply a lip colour of your choice, I have gone for a neutral pink gloss called Calla from Arbonne. For a more vampy version you can add a dark lippy.

Once you are happy with your make up you can add some tribal inspired markings, I went for white and blue dots and stipes and VoilΓ  your simple pretty halloween make up is complete.

Tribal make up by Grace Kingsley

Now to finish your costume you just need an Indian Headdress by Novum crafts like the one I have! They have a huge range of colours to choose from and you can go short, medium or long. You can take this theme as far as you want in regards to costume or just keep it simple like I have and let the headdress do all the work!

There is still a bit of time before Halloween so pop over and take a peek!

Have a spooky Halloween!

Grace xoxo