Real Weddings – First Wedding of the year…..This shit just got real!

Its not like me to swear in a blog pots, especially the title but all will become clear!

Saturday 24th January was my first wedding of the year, it kicked off what is looking to be a jam packed year of weddings. I met with Amy for her trial before christmas
Amy wanted something fairly simple but striking, so we went with a bit of a classic glamour theme.

Grace Kingsley - Bridal Make Up

With the make up I kept the skin looking fresh by using a face and body foundation from mac, finishing it with a light dusting of Arbonnes mineral powder which gives a glowy look to the skin and great staying power!
For the eyes I kept them softly defined using pinky brown tones from the Urban Decay Naked3 palette, a sweep of winged eye liner and some individual lashes.

The only thing we couldn’t decide on was the lips, there were two choices a neutral pink or a deep red! So we chose both, pink for the day and red for the evening.

Grace Kingsley - Bridal Hair

For Amy’s hair, I put heated rollers in to create big curls which I then brushed out to create a loose glamour wave which I then pinned back slightly on one side, to complete the look I popped a Jenny Packham hair accessory in.

Grace Kingsley Bridesmaids hair Amy’s lovely Bridesmaids had a braided side up do, both had very different hair but this style worked for both of them, again finishing the look with Jenny Packham hair accessories. For their make up I kept the skin natural and the eyes nicely defined so they would look great in photos.


Now most brides look forward to getting a well thought out gift from their husband to be on the morning of their wedding, Amy was handed a gift and card by the bridesmaids from the groom. She read the nicely worded card, opened a nice bottle or port and for the final part she opened a hip flask with the words “Shits about to get real” on the front! It definitely wasn’t what any of us were expecting to be opened but it did make us laugh, but the words rang true as it doesn’t get much more real than getting married!


I had a lovely morning with Amy and her Bridesmaids, I left them as they headed off to Coombe Lodge where the wedding was taking place. I have seen a few sneaky pics and it looked lovely. Congratulations Amy and Richard!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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