New year, Lots of change!

Wow, how did it become 2015 already? I can not believe we are already eight days in to the new year, maybe it’s because I am older but the time just seems to fly by!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year, I hope you all celebrated in style and got everything you asked santa for. I was thoroughly spoilt and enjoyed some family time, although I only had three days off over the festive period as I had five (yes five) weddings over Christmas week! new year new dreams

New year is always a time for reflection and setting resolutions ready for the year ahead, for me I can look back over 2014 and happily say what a year, it was full of brides, photo shoots, nails and lots of new make up to try! Looking at my year going forward there is a big change! This time last year I was busy setting up my studio here is Bristol, with huge plans in mind. A year later and I have made the decision to leave the studio!

I have loved having a base to work from, and the fact everything is in one place sets any ocd’s I have at ease. Going to “work” every day definitely seemed a bitodd but it was nice to have a bit of structure, in fact sometimes I would go in super early or stay late just to have some quiet time and get things done. As the year went on I was finding that I was still packing up my kit three to four times a week to do weddings, photo shoots, working at the theatre and travelling for jobs which meant I wasn’t spending as much time in the studio as I initially thought.  After much thought I have decided to go back to being completely freelance, I actually like being a bit of a free spirit and travelling around and realised how much I missed that element of my job! Being a make up artist brings a lot of spontaneity with last minute jobs and schedule changes but I secretly love that, being tied to somewhere can feel like that is stifled a little.

I have huge plans for my businesses including my make up work, GK Nails and the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World and am so excited about this year!

So as of February 1st, my car will become my office again as I wave goodbye to the studio, I can’t wait to share all of my adventures and my plans as they come to life over the next year…..oh and I promise to blog more!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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