Real Weddings – Julia the happiest bride ever!

Wedding season has been manic and with 12 weddings in the past six weeks I have managed to get a little behind with my Real Weddings posts!

Any way, back at the beginning of august I went along to get Julia and her bridal party ready. Julia was staying a lovely guest house which was a two-minute drive from my house which was a nice change, normally I travel up to an hour to get to my brides on their wedding days!

Julia lives in London so I had only met her two weeks before the big day for her trial, I was only doing hair for her, three bridesmaids and her mum.

When I arrived it was very grey and rainy but Julia is quite possibly one of the smiley-est people I have ever met and no amount of grey sky was going to take that smile away!

Everyone’s hair and their style was different so Julia didn’t everyone to have the same thing, just what they felt comfortable with.

20140802_122254 20140802_122249 20140802_122303

Julia’s hair was a simple style that suited her perfectly, firstly I curled the hair through, then braided through the sides which led to a messy bun with some loose curls. Rather than having the hair scraped back I pulled the curls back softly to keep the style looking natural. Julia had picked out a really pretty pearly headband which I braided around to hold it in place!

20140802_122411 20140802_122444

For her bridesmaids we went for different styles, loose and wavy, structured and volumised and naturally curly with a braid. All the styles worked nicely together and kept them all individual.

As I was leaving the cloud had cleared and the sun was shining through!

I hope you had an amazing day Julia, Congratulations.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo



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