GK Nails

GK Nails (1)RTBack in November last year I launched my own range of bespoke press on nails! I had the idea in my head for a while but as is often the case life was busy and got in the way. I noticed in my diary that I had a random four days in a row off, this is pretty much unheard of in my diary so I decided to keep them free and I would do something other than work. Well anyone who knows me knows that would never happen (I am a self confessed work-a-holic!), I spoke to my mum and said I am going to do the press on nails, I am going to use my days off to plan a few things and see what happens, well in that four days I managed to decide on a launch date that was two and a half weeks later, plan a launch party, do all the pr, order boxes, ribbon, leaflets, plan a photo shoot for promo images and of course make the actual nails (I made 40 sets over the four days which was helped by the fact christmas 24 was on the tv non stop!).

And so GK Nails where born!

GK Nails (2)RT


GK Nails  launched with a ready to wear range of press on nails, with simple right through to completely crystal encrusted designs there is something to suit every personality.

Nail art is being worn by celebrities as well as being walked up and down the catwalks at all the fashion weeks and now it is available for you to ensure you are the height of fashion.

To make GK Nails even more unique I wanted to offer people the chance to have a bespoke set designed, this would enable people to have a set that was just for them!

Whether you have a themed event to attend, a specific outfit to match or just want something to suit your style, GK Nails are the perfect accessory for you.

It couldn’t be simpler, you just press on and be fabulous!

GK Nails (3)RT

GK Nails (4)RTImages taken by Andrew Magurran

I am so proud of my little venture that was created in my mums bedroom as GK Nails have now been used in various photo shoots, featured on different websites and of course sold to lots of customers world wide, two sets are on their way to Australia as I type! I even launched and Ibiza Collection earlier this year (I will show you those in another post!).

There are plenty of plans in the pipe line too which I am excited to show you later in the year.

If you want your own set of GK Nails please get in touch via info@gracekingsley.co.uk.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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