Real Weddings – Ceri and her Kardashian eyes!

Last Friday I went along to Ceri’s house to get her and her bridesmaids ready for the big day ahead.

Ceri came in for her trial about a month ago with one simple request, she wanted make up like a Kardashian! Well don’t we all. But this was music to my ears as it is nice to sometimes do a heavier make up look for a bride.

Ceri has the most amazingly thick, dark long eyelashes I have ever seen which made this look even better.


I used a mixture of Urban Decays naked 2 and 3 palettes to create a smoky eye along with black winged eyeliner. I kept her skin fresh with illimasqua skin base and then used Lovelorn from MAC on her lips.


For the bridesmaids i kept it very simple as none of them wear much make up normally, I defined the eyes with limit and nooner from the naked 3 palette, these two colours work really well to give definition but without being over powering. For the skin I used a BB cream to give a fresh look without being too heavy and the lips were a mix of nude and pink shades.

With a grey start to the day the weather turned out to be sunny, and from a picture I saw on Facebook Ceri looked stunning in her dress, I can’t wait to see more pics!

Ceri, I hope your day was amazing!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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