OPI Glitter Off base coat

Most of us love a bit of glitter but the only time I hesitate when it comes to glitter is nail varnish!

I have a lot of glitter varnishes, all from OPI, purchased purely for my clients of course….but the problem with glitter nail varnishes is when it comes to taking it off! It looks so pretty and can be the perfect way to use your nails as accessories but it can take ages to get off and not to mention the half a bottle of nail varnish remover you have to use!

Well OPI have solved us glitter loving issues and have bought out Glitter Off, it is a base coat designed specifically to go under glitter varnish.



You simply pop a thin layer of Glitter Off on to the nail, it goes on white, you then let it dry until it goes clear (this takes about 30-60 seconds) and then apply your glitter varnish.



I applied it to my ring finger using OPI’s Rose of Light varnish. I wanted to see if it worked and how long it would last before I use it on any of my clients or on set any where!

The idea is that rather than scrubbing away with cotton wool and varnish remover it will simply peel off saving you time and your nails!

IMG_20140713_132026Well, it works! I actually thought a false nail must had come off until I remembered I didn’t have falsies on! So this is a definite thumbs up from me and will now be a permanent fixture in my kit!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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