Prom Fever!

This week has seen lots of prom Make Ups and Hairstyles passing through the doors of my studio!

Here are some before and afters of all the gorgeous girlies I worked with this week!

10356154_782078678510385_5120941103665659786_n 10419941_782076461843940_6714913834808592782_n 10449977_782075581844028_6729060175485286462_n 10455363_782074228510830_5872152255849315364_n 10464319_782072065177713_6433698430929896333_n 10481742_782073638510889_6847502973438904036_n


The theme of Make Up this year is nice and natural yet beautifully defined, It is really nice to see girls choosing classic make up looks as inspiration as it just emphasises their natural beauty.


To make their day extra special I put on a little spread of cookies, strawberries and fancy drinks (non alcoholic of course!).

I hope that everyone going to prom this year has an amazing night!

Stay gorgeous

Grace xoxo


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