So it would appear that it was a good six months since my last post, and I do believe that post went along the lines of me saying I was going to make more time to blog regularly! So that went well.

My only excuse is life has been hectic! So far 2014 has seen the opening of the Kingsley Academy, the continuation of GK Nails and on top of all my normal work I also have sixty, yes sixty beautiful brides booked in! All of which is amazing and although I have been snowed under with emails, bridal trials, photo shoots and many other things the first half of this year has been awesome and I am super excited for the rest of the year!

Today I have had a secret day off and it has given me a chance to sit down and plan a few things and decide on a few changes that will all become clear over the next few months (I say “day off” lightly…..Never one to sit still for too long!).

So this was just a quick post to say hello and to say fingers crossed I will be on your reading list a bit more regularly from now on!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


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